Amber Reversible Cap Child Safe Vials / Bottles / Containers w/ Caps

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Reversible Amber Bottles for your Pharmacy Prescription packaging. This is a two piece design that incorporates a Dual Purpose Reversible Cap that uses “Push Down and Turn” mechanism for the Child Resistant and Non Child Resistant “Screw Top” on the other side. All vials meet USP Light & Tight Standard as well as Certified CPSC Child Resistant and Adult Friendly Standard.

Code Sizes Units /Box
RV08AM 08 Dram 410
RV13AM 13 Dram 275
RV16AM 16 Dram 220
RV20AM 20 Dram 270
RV30AM 30 Dram 210
RV40AM 40 Dram 150
RV60AM 60 Dram 100